Our School

The story begins in winter of 1907/1908 in a village Lgoczanka.

The oldest document that our school has in its archives is an evaluation sheet from 1924. All teaching staff was moved to a village next to Lgoczanka, Sokole Pole. The first teacher came from a neighbouring village.

At the beginning, teaching took place in people’s houses. It took 32 years before local authorities realised that a school was needed and approved of the plan to build one. World War II put construction plans to stop. In 1940 there were plans to resume building and local authorities supported this idea, although construction works didn’t start until 1958.

Surprisingly, the building was completed one year later. Apart from regular maintenance, the school building remained untouched until 2004. The first headmasters of the school were Stanislaw and Ludwika Boryczko.

Than Kazimierz Morawiec took the post. Until now, there have been six headmasters in total. Currently, this role is fulfilled by Grzegorz Papalski.

School neighbourhood

Our school is located approximately 5 km from Złoty Potok town. Złoty Potok is known mainly for surrounding fishing lakes. There is also a restaurant Złota Perła serving great oriental food. The restaurant management and staff are very professional and provide excellent service. There are a few other restaurants, and I can truly recommend Źródlana, where you can enjoy great pizza. I can also suggest a fish restaurant that will be undoubtedly recommended by anyone as a great place for a meal.

Olsztyn is located 20 kilometres away from our school. The views of an old castle ruins are wonderful. There are other castle ruins in the area too, in places like Bobolice, Mirów and Ogrodzieniec. They are all within a similar distance and are part of Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, also known as Polish Jurassic Highland.

Polish Jura consists of a hilly landscape with Jurassic limestone rocks, cliffs, valleys and different limestone formations, featuring many caves.There are many more tourist attractions in the area. A canoeing trip in Lelów will definitely be a great adventure. Fishing in Złoty Potok lakes could be great fun too. 

                                                           written  by Aleksander Śnieżek

                                                           corrected by Piotr Papalski